Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A cherry tomato sprouted out of my garden.

I have a very small garden in my yard, and I planned for some broccoli this summer. I had a bout with butterflies and their eggs, but things are going well now that we are in summer.


So the other day, I took a photo of this beautiful cherry tomato with the Sonnetar 1.1/50... except that I don't recall ever planting seeds for a cherry tomato this season. I found it peculiar that only one was sprouting out.


Upon further inspection, I found it was sprouting out of a region where other plants reside. Like I said, I don't think I would willingly plant one seed in the middle of a bush.

However, I came upon the realization that we compost our organic waste. We like to use it as fertilizer, and it also decreases the amount of waste our household depends on the trash collectors. Composting is a handy recycling habit, and also prevents the release of any excess CO2.

It seems as though the compost had some seeds in it that sprouted when I used some organic fertilizer for the part of our garden located above. I've heard that growing vegetables from its own seeds aren't necessarily good compared to seeds provided from seed tradings, but my kids seemed to enjoy them very much.