Friday, 14 March 2014

The Ricoh GR "slight" effect.

With the new Ricoh GR firmware update various new features and a new photo filter or effect were added.

This new effect, named "slight", had been of interest to me for some time. Per its namesake, there is a slight amount of colour added to monochrome. I tend to think of it as an addition of colour to monochrome, but you can also characterize it as all of the colours as muted. Compared to other monochrome filters that have a blueish hue or a yellowish hue like sepia, this effect gives a relatively even distribution of colours RGB.


Due to the effects, even bright red colours are very muted.

I find this effect to be very unique compared to the default settings for similar class cameras, and very rarely do we see muted colours in other people's work. More commonly, many are looking for more pop from their pictures, so it may seem counter intuitive to mute the colours in your photo. Therefore I find this effect more useful to think in terms of an addition to color from monochrome rather than an absence of colour from colour photos. With creative use, I think that it is possible to achieve interesting results compared to monochrome.

However, since I prefer monochrome to begin with, I find more enjoyment in composing and exposing pictures with the absence of colour. I can't find many instances where I would want a slight amount of colour, because I would probably prefer no colour at all. Seems like I need to try this effect out more regularly to truly get a feel of its usefulness for what I want to shoot.