Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Ricoh GR Firmware.

The new firmware for the Ricoh GR was released. Since I've been using this camera almost daily (albeit I'm mostly photographing my children), perhaps there is a chance that I've been stuck in my ways for a while. It doesn't help that I've been using a previous version of the Ricoh GR before purchasing this one, either. Hopefully with a firmware update, I can refresh my shooting habits and brush up my technique.

GR Firmware UpdateVersion 3.00

Added [Slight] on [Effect] of [Shooting] menu. -> I really find this effect interesting. I don't think this is a preset for many camera makers. Usually you have a hint or overcast of a certain colour over monochrome, for example a slight bluish hue. This [Slight] effect will distribute all of the colours very slightly.
Added [AFL Focus Setting] on [Key Custom Options] menu. -> This way you can now choose Pinpoint AF for the AFL Focus setting. This can be useful for many situations, especially macro settings.
Added [Ambient Brightness] on [Setup] menu. -> One of the settings in the ambient brightness is [Original] versus the default [Normal]. [Original] is supposedly a reincarnation of the "original" film GR camera ambient brightness. This seems cool.
Added [Folder Name Setting] on [Setup] menu.
[Change Shutter Speed] will be set in increments of 1/3 steps when [ISO Step Setting] is set to [1/3EV]. -> I use 1/3 steps for ISO step settings, so I will set it to this setting promptly.
Added [Aspect Ratio] to the parameters of [RAW Development] on [Playback] menu. -> I don't use in-camera RAW development that often, but we'll see how this works out.

One thing I know for sure is that of the above features, I will use the [Slight] effect the most. When you consider the customization ability of the Ricoh GR, these firmware updates can make the camera a much more suited to your needs. Judging by the settings you choose and the way you use it, you can truly make the GR a one of a kind camera for candid photos.