Friday, 13 December 2013

The "Effects" for the Ricoh GR.

My daughter is not growing up as fast as I had feared, but she certainly is growing up.

I love going to the park with my children. My daughter has always been able to play with a lot of the playground equipment built for her age, but recently she has been able to play with all but the more advanced things in the playground. If nothing else, she sure will try.

At the playground, 90% the photos that I take of my children come out like this:


I can only get shots from behind because I follow them, and by the time I compose, then they're gone :)

The picture above was taken with the Cross-process effect on the GR.

I have been using the GRD2 for a very long time, and I loved the monochrome mode and used it a lot. The Ricoh GXR has beautiful monochrome as well, so I see myself using it for the GR Limited Edition too.

As for the GR Limited Edition, Ricoh has added some new effects since the last camera I had purchased from them. The effects that catch my eye are Bleach Bypass, Cross-process, High-contrast Monochrome, and Retro. Since I prefer subdued colour from time to time, I may find Bleach Bypass and Retro to be fun. So far, of the four, I use Cross-process the most since it gives me fun colours of people. High-contrast monochrome and Bleach Bypass don't have the most pleasant effect on people for me, so the fact that I take many pictures of my children is could be the main reason for my lack of enthusiasm.

On the other hand, thanks to the Cross-process effect for digital cameras, I am starting to entertain the idea of cross-process for film...